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9 June

Posted on June 9, 2019

There has been lots in the racing press and on social media this weekend about EPDS Racing, so I thought it appropriate to let people know the situation here. Until April we had 4 horses in training for EPDS and its members – AMI DESBOIS, STYNES, JESSICA RABBIT and LONDONIA. We have since taken over the management of all of those syndicates from EPDS, and all of the horses will now run in the name and colours of the McPherson Racing Partnership; indeed, AMI DESBOIS has already run twice under that banner. STYNES and JESSICA RABBIT will run through the summer, AMI DESBOIS and LONDONIA will come back into training in the autumn. To distinguish those horses from the Winter and Summer McPherson Racing Club horses, the Partnership horses will run in red colours with maroon sleeves, while the Club horses will run in their usual navy blue colours with a silver hoop.

Anyone with a share in the former-EPDS horses has automatically had their share transferred into the new Partnership without any cost to them, and they therefore remain shareholders in ‘their’ horse.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank John Powell at EPDS for the years of hard work that he previously put in to build up EPDS and to bring the experience of ownership to so many people. I know that life has not been easy for John in recent months, and it is an incredible shame that things have ended the way that they have, but I hope that he can bounce back.